7 major tips when doing SEO for Estate Agents

seo for estate agents

How do you search engine optimisation for estate agents?

If you’ve found this post then you are likely to know what SEO means. In short, it’s the process of having your estate agent website appear higher on the Google rankings when a potential vendor or landlord conducts a local search. Below we outline some simple tips on how to rank higher if you’re looking to improve your organic Google search engine optimisation strategy.

1. Optimise your page titles

Make sure your page titles relate to Google searches. If a potential client is looking for an estate agent in London then your page wants to be named like this. Brainstorm potential keywords such as ‘landlord tips’ ‘best letting agent in Birmingham’ or ‘sell my property in Manchester’. If you don’t have pages that can use these titles then create them!

Extra tip: Use a free keyword research tool such as Uber Suggest to find related keywords. 

2. Improve your website speed

If your website is slow then two things will happen.

  • Google will drop your website down the rankings in favour of faster websites offering similar services
  • Your potential customers will ‘bounce’ off the page and find a different website if it doesn’t load quickly. People are impatient!

Improve your speed by serving compressed images. Your property listings are likely to rely heavily on pictures so they don’t want to be too large in file size. You can also look at removing unused plugins or code. If this is alien to you, talk to your webmaster – or us at Vertex Marketing!

3. Improve your page content

Google likes content. If your page only has a few hundred words then Google may not think your content is useful enough. Improve your word count on major pages and see how your rankings improve.

Why not add more information about the property services you offer, or talk about property prices in different areas of your town or city?

Tip: This must be useful content – Don’t fill the page with irrelevant paragraphs. Google will know – and your visitors are likely to choose a competitor who answers their query in a more relevant way.

4. Encourage users to click through

The aim is to keep your visitor on the site for as long as possible. Include links to other areas of your website to encourage the reader to continue learning about your business. Better still – send them to your contact page to entice them into getting in touch with you.

5. Get links

Links to your website are extremely important with SEO for estate agents. This tells Google that your site is being recommended by others and helps to push you up the search rankings. Here’s a few ways you can get links:

  • Produce relevant informative blog posts which will encourage others to recommend your articles
  • Get links from contractors you work with
  • Go to local business directories and get your business listed (choose property related directories if possible)
  • Ensure your profiles are up to date on listing portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla
  • Post links to your website articles on social media
  • Write a guest post on the property market for a local news website

6. Ensure your website is mobile friendly

Google now has two search engine algorithms, one for desktop computers and one for mobiles. Most searches are now conducted on smartphones so it was a logical step for them. Ensure the theme or template of your website is mobile friendly; If a user has to scroll from left to right to read your content then this needs to be changed. Again, talk to your webmaster or speak to us to discuss mobile friendly web design options.

7. Create a sitemap

A sitemap is a guide for the Google robots. Every few days Google will crawl your site to check for new content. If you can guide the bots in the right direction then they are likely to find all your content and ensure it ranks. To do this you can use a plugin such as Yoast, or again speak to your webmaster.

8. (Bonus!) Talk to us to help improve

This is a shameless plug but still very useful! We offer a free tool to help you decide how best to improve your own website. We will conduct a full website analysis using our knowledge of estate agent online marketing and give you some handy tips.

Alternatively, feel free to drop us a call or email to help you master search engine optimisation quicker than ever. You can also use the form below to get in touch.

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