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These days most people can make a website with all the tools available online. But how many can make a website that attracts leads and converts them? If you aren’t attracting or converting leads, how much business are you missing out on every single day?

Responsive design layouts

Have you ever heard of how supermarkets place items on certain shelves to encourage purchases? The same works for websites.

The way content is laid out on any website doesn’t just affect how many people read the content – it also affects if they choose to stay and make an enquiry, or if they choose to move on and look for a competitor instead.

Content also needs to be designed in a responsive way. This means it resizes to fit all devices and is easy to read.

Websites also need to be fast. If your page doesn’t load quickly then a potential client will hit that back button and find your competitor instead.

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Content that converts into leads and sales

Is your content written well enough to get picked up by the big search engines such as Google and Bing? Will it rank well amongst all your competitors?

If your content does bring in the visitors, what percentage is converting? Is your content written in a way to direct them into a sales funnel which brings in money to your business? Is your website set up correctly to track enquiries? Can you find out which pages are performing well?

If your website isn’t converting many of your visitors then talk to a web designer who can do this. Do you have large calls to action, placed correctly on the site? Are your menus set up well enough to easily find contact details? Is your website fast enough to ensure users don’t give up in finding the right information?

If your designer doesn’t have the experience, chances are they won’t convert your visitors.

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